Gutta cavat lapidem (La goccia scava la pietra)

Immagini insolite da Medjugorje

Immagini insolite da Medjugorje


vedi note originali in calce


tratto da: http://www.medjugorjeusa.org/strange.htm


note originali:

1) Vicka holding books called, Pray From The Heart, during an interview with pilgrims. For more information on picture one click here.

2) Silhouette of a dove. For more information on picture two..click

3) Image of the Gospa (Our Lady) on the mountain.

4) Image of face of Jesus on rock found on Apparition Hill. For more information.. click here

5) Image of Light on Apparition Hill (Mt. Podbodo).

6) Light image of Our Lady. For more information..click here

7) Redish out-line of Lady on side of St. James.

8) Image of Christ in the clouds above Cross Mountain.

9) Image of face inside a rose growing in December in Medjugorje.

10) Image of Lady holding a Rosary, behind a tree.

11) Image of face taken in the apparition room inside St. James.

12) Image of Lady in Medjugorje clouds.

13) Christ written in the sky. For more information..click here

14) Vision In the Sun taken Sept. 98, by Francis Carr, Illinois.

15) Image of Christ taken by Margaret Chadek 1995 while watching the spinning sun in Medjugorje.

16) Taken May 27, 2004 image of Mary over the Chapel in Medjugorje.

17) Image of a dove in the clouds, taken by Marilyn Xavier on May 28, 2004.

18) Strange lights appear as Medjugorje visionary prays over pilgrims, sorry we lost source info on this pic.

19) Medjugorje image of Mary. For more info click here .

20) White Medjugorje statue of Our Lady change to color. For more info click here .

21) Sun in Medjugorje with hole in center For more info click here

22) Cloud image in shape of Our Lady, at the top of the steeples of St. James in Medjugorje. taken by Michael J. Stanton a 9th time visitor to Medjugorje and a certified addiction councilor in the State of Connecticut.

23) Photo taken during early days of Medjugorje apparitions in 1981. Picture is inside of St. James Church. In far distance (center) is the Tabernacle. After opening the tabernacle several people witnessed the image of our Lady inside the tabernacle. Image appears as “Our Lady of Grace.” Photo taken by Zedenko Zovko.


altre immagini miracolose: http://www.visionsofjesuschrist.com/miraculous_images.htm




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